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Soul Calibur Ratings

Which warrior are you?

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Welcome to SC Ratings!

Hi, and welcome to SC Ratings, a Soul Calibur ratings community. Ever wondered which warrior suits your personality the most? Well, wonder no more! Post an application up here and the members will, soon enough, give you their honest opinions on the matter. Just be sure to abide by the rules, and I won't have to ask Nightmare to steal your soul... ;D

Rules and Information

1. Post all applications behind an lj-cut.
2. Please keep it clean - nothing that could be considered above PG-13!
3. No more than three pictures can be posted with each application, and make sure these pictures also adhere to rule 2! No cosplay pictures either.
4. The avatar you use for your application should not feature any Soul Calibur character, as this might influence the decision of the voters!
5. Please be honest - this way you'll get the most accurate responses!
6. After you've made your application, please stay active in our community - we need your votes on other applications!
7. You may apply for a re-stamp ONE MONTH after your initial application.
8. Members with a tie in votes will be stamped as the member they have the most SINGLE votes for (i.e. when a member votes you as one rather than two people). If all votes are single, the member can immediately ask for the moderator to pick one or the other, or they can take both stamps.
9. Put 'Feed Me Your Soul!' in the subject line of your application to prove you've read the rules.

Applications will stamped after 10 votes have been made, or after 10 days have passed (with a minimum of four votes). If, for some reason or other, you haven't been stamped after this period has elapsed please feel free to contact me!

Your mod is fightingoutside, confessed Maxi fan-girl and Soul Calibur addict!

Possible results are: Ivy, Cervantes, Maxi, Xianghua, Kilik, Raphael, Rock, Siegfried, Voldo, Zasalamel, Tira, Taki, Yoshimitsu, Talim, Olcadan, Setsuka, Seung Mina, Edgemaster, Mitsurugi, Yunsung, Cassandra, Sophitia, Lizardman, Necrid, Hwang, Nightmare, Li Long, Charade and Abyss. Yes, even the wierd and non-human ones can be chosen. XD

The Application Form

--The Basics--

Talents and Skills:
Hopes and Dreams:




Night or Day?:
Earth or Sea?:
Vengeance or Mercy?:
Edged Weapon or Blunt Weapon?:
Strength or Wisdom?:

--Soul Calibur Related-

Who is your favourite character, and why?:
Which character do you dislike the most, and why?:
Soul Calibur or Soul Edge?:
You receive a mysterious message asking you to come to a certain clock tower. What do you do?:
Edgemaster or Olcadan? Which one would win in a fight?:
What do you hope the next game, SC4, will include? Why?:


You may post up to three pictures here. Alternately, describe yourself as best and honestly as you can. Please remember - no cosplay pictures, please!


fightingoutside is Maxi
aikeiko is Talim
aoi_utena is Kilik
asianangel_neko is Xianghua
beetlequeen is Tira
biff_proton is Siegfried
minilovely is Cassandra
dana_fields is Setsuka/Cassandra
dracotheferret is Voldo
metaraymek is Sophitia
foxy_baby05 is Xianghua
ceasefire is Cassandra
sonozaki is Cassandra
hamtaro1230 is Yunsung
honorableshadow is Ivy
katiroth is Sophitia
mimio is Xianghua
missnothingness is Kilik
mourningmonday is Zasalamel
parch_piece is Talim
ranalinde is Seung MiNa
satanic_rayne is Maxi
stingeraa is Maxi
sylphiel is Tira
theredshadow is Xianghua
twistedsinews is Taki
uke_kev is Maxi
thane is Taki
wind_god_cischa is Siegfried


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